How is Instagram changing lives of many?

Social Media

Instagram is one of those social media that is influencing the audience in many ways. Instagram is more than a connection for people. This social media has been giving birth too many new ideas in the community. When Instagram started, there was a much similar application on the Google store, but this was a well-drafted app that had a focus on the aim to influence society for better future. Posting photos mean sharing happiness with the society. Since the invention of social media being happy in other happiness has been promoted largely.

How is Instagram exceptional on connecting new people?

Instagram has been able to connect more people than any other application out there. Following is a list

Facebook friend

Facebook as social media has so much audience and is growing day by day. Instagram being a child application of Facebook helps people to connect more. Whenever a friend on Facebook joins Instagram, and instant notification is sent to all those friends who are on Instagram. In this way, they can easily connect with that person.

Instagram stories

After the Snapchat, Instagram stories have been an inspiration. The different organization is influencing people to help the society through Instagram stories. They stories build a way for the people to connect and share their feelings. Stories are more descriptive than a simple post that is why they hit the target in a more meaningful way.


Different trends can help a person change and connect to different variety in the society. Trends which have a good social impact always help in people for doing good deeds. Trends also give awareness about different kind of problems and how the community can cope with it. It also directs community to understand about the different technological improvement in the society.

How are these connections motivating society to help in charity?

These connections are influencing the society into different kind of charitable activities. People promote their work to support charity organization or the local church. When people see celebrities and a huge chunk of their followers are doing motivational work and gathering donations. They change the mind of the person hence motivating to do good deeds for the society. Instagram stories play a big role where different people can be seen on the spots where help is needed. If these stories can turn one donator, it’s a win for the community.

How can artwork photos help in connecting community?

buy instagram followers instantlyNormally artist uses Instagram as a platform for their art promotion. This art can be a hub for the community they can directly talk to the artist and know more about the picture. Talking directly to the artist can change thinking style and perception of the person towards things. People gather on such hubs to always learn and improve their way of creating art and looking at it.

Instagram has been connecting million it can be stories or the post or videos. They community is now aware they are not alone but with millions.

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